Thursday, February 4, 2010

Logos for Ohio Puppy Rescue

Earlier this week, my aunt approached me about designing a logo for a Puppy Rescuing volunteer operation she works with.  They are a branch of the Delaware Puppy Rescue but she didn't like that they were still using the Delaware Puppy Rescue logo.  She asked if I would design a new logo for them.  Obviously I was thrilled to do so.

She only required that the logo include OPR and Ohio Puppy Rescue.  I made it a goal to design 5 different logos by the end of the week.  So here are the variations of the five that I designed.

They are presented in the order that I made them.  At first, I tried working mostly with the colors on the website, which were orange, yellow and brown.   But then I decided to stray off of that color scheme a little bit.  I also made a progression from using the image of Ohio, to illustrating a dog, to using letters as a logo.  3 different approaches.  I can (and almost expect to) make modifications, so suggestions are encouraged.  

Click on the picture to see a larger version.

I modified a few of the logos and cranked out a few new ones.  I used the red and orange color scheme people seemed to like.


  1. My favorite is the fifth design. Favorite color is red.

  2. 4th and 5th designs are my favorite. orange or red of the 5th are my top picks. i need to find a project like this!

  3. It seems people like the typography based logos. I think I will do some more of them.

  4. Good job Adam. I'm with Kathy but am putting it out there for the volunteers to review. Say Ang, you're welcome to contribute as well! Healthy competition I say.......

    May not know what direction we'll be going Adam but I'll provide feedback as I get it. Thanks so much for jumping on this opportunity! Love Ya!

  5. Have any dog/pups you can put as a background to the OPR logos (5th line)?

    Love the graphics of the state looking like a dog. Great twist!

  6. Looks good Adam! I've forwarded on to members of the board. I'll send you the image submitted by one of our volunteers. I'd like the group to narrow down to three logos and then vote.