Saturday, December 11, 2010

Form & Communication III Sketchbook

We had a sketchbook due for our class at the end of the semester, so naturally I didn't do anything until the last week of school. Luckily, the teacher said he only wanted 5-6 scans from it, not the whole, actual book. So, naturally, I only did 6 sketches. Here they are. The theme is cute animals being creepy/vulgar.

Follow up on Proverb Typography

After freaking out about not being able to refilm the ants & honey sequence, I scrambled to get something together with what I had, without using video. I made this greeting card. It's a little corny, but it's cute, and it's gotten a pretty good response on tumblr, with several people saying they would buy it.

However, my teacher convinced me that I could and should move forward with the video that I had. I reworked my stop motion, and here is the final result.