Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cover for Form/Comm Book

For the Form and Communication book, we each have to design a cover, and in class, we will decide on whose we actually want to use. I decided to look back to the iconography project for my inspiration for this, and I like to imagine that each one of these animals has its own voice.

Back Cover:

Final Spread for Form & Communication

For form and comm, we had to design 1 spread based on a statement of something we learned in any of our VC classes this year.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Typeface Design

The final assignment in Type II is to design our own typeface. We will be making a short type specimen booklet for it as well.

I named mine Beatrice.

I was inspired by art deco tendencies as well as victorian architecture (which we are learning about in my art history class).  I created most letters using a circle of one size but there are a few other circles used as well. I also used a single weight line in every letter. I really like thin type.  I think I will expand it into a full typeface with caps and lowercase letters, but we are only required to have the letters used in the name itself.

Here are a few pictures I used for inspiration, but mostly I was going off ideas I had in my head.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

35 Characters Posters

Some of us designed posters for the 35 Characters event that will be taking place on Wednesday. We hung them up around Newark on this hot afternoon. These are mine.

11" x 17"

FYI, 35 Characters is an event my type class will be putting together in which each one of us wears a lifesize cardboard letter that we each constructed and will be painted either Black, Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow (Printing ink colors) depending on what group we are in. Each group will be spelling a verb. We will then break up and scramble to form new words based on audience participation.