Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay, so I tried to upload my draft so far for Digital Project #4, but it is giving me trouble, so I will just show this. This is a picture of Santogold, who sings the song I am using for inspiration for this project. I made her into a silhouette and then filled her in with pictures I took on Main Street where I used a slow shutter speed to capture swirly light patterns. The section of lyrics I am using is

"Say Aha...louder than they allow."


I went to the Biden Rally on today. It was so fun. Joe is a great Speaker. This was my favorite shot. He is such a family man. When Tom Carper was speaking, he said the new catchphrase was "Joebama", that was really funny. Actually they all were very funny and the event was very enjoyable. I'm glad I took my camera because I think I got some good shots.
Above and below is Joe with his wonderful family.

He was a very good speaker. That will be a nice change from what we have right now in the Whitehouse.

Above is his wife Jill who looked really stylish.

Below, his 91 year old mother who came out to support him.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So My Halloween Costume Will Be...

Quail Man!

80% of the votes were for Quail Man, and I think that it will be an awesome costume so I am excited.

Something is wrong with blogger right now, and I can't upload any photos, so it might be a while before you see another post. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Process

Just to show the process I went through to get my final design, here are some of the images I worked with. Above is the globe as I was still putting in countries.

Below is the photo I used for the cigarette for the axis.
This is one of the layers of smoke that I got from google.
Here is an early version of the final piece. I didn't yet have my analog portion drawn, so I didn't have that to work with. Also, I decided later to tilt the entire globe to achieve the 23 degree tilt that the earth has, in order to make it more realistic and intersting.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Final Version of my Digital/Analog Project

So here's my final image for Project #3. It's not exactly how I thought it would turn out, and it's gone through many changes. The background is not exactly how I wanted it but it was difficult mixing all of the layers of smoke. Some of the smoke was drawn in pencil as my analog element. I used pictures of cigarette boxes to make the countries. Some are from google, some are pictures I took of boxes with my own camera and some are scans of boxes I found lying around. I had to take a photo of a cigarette as well because nothing from google would have been big enough.

Now I know my ABCs

Pretty Basic, but it really stands out as an A.
I found it pretty difficult to find a B. I'm afraid this might be a common solution, but we'll see what my teacher says.
This is probably my favorite letter so far that I found. It is the roof of one of the dorms on the Green.
L was also a difficult letter. It seems like it would be easy, but the simpler ones are actually harder to find because you want it to be interesting.
Hopefully this stands out enough as a Q.
W. This is also one of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Next Project

This is a sketch of my 3rd project in my Digital Media class. I will make a globe in which the countries are cigarette packaging. I will also make an axis for the globe from a photo of a cigarette that I will take (but I won't smoke it). I will then draw in some smoke which will make up the analog portion of my project. I plan to use photos of of cigarette boxes as well of scans of boxes that I find laying around campus.

BTW, I know I spelled cigarettes wrong in the sketch...I don't care!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Time to Start Thinking About Halloween!

Halloween is here in a month; that means I need to get a costume together. I have two ideas so far which i have created a poll for to the right.

My first idea was to be Quail man from Doug. I have basically everything I need except for a red cape and Q. But that would be fairly easy to pick up.
My second idea was for my friend and I to be Adam and Eve. The only problem with this is that they kinda didn't wear any clothes...just leaves. The walk to a party would be a bit chilly and some of my friends think we wouldn't be allowed in with basically nothing on, which I don't believe. The plus side is that all I would need is: a pair of underwear- check, some leaves- check.
Please vote in the poll and/or leave some suggestions.