Monday, October 20, 2008

Now I know my ABCs

Pretty Basic, but it really stands out as an A.
I found it pretty difficult to find a B. I'm afraid this might be a common solution, but we'll see what my teacher says.
This is probably my favorite letter so far that I found. It is the roof of one of the dorms on the Green.
L was also a difficult letter. It seems like it would be easy, but the simpler ones are actually harder to find because you want it to be interesting.
Hopefully this stands out enough as a Q.
W. This is also one of my favorites.


  1. I have to say there is something about that B that really intrigues me. It might be the contrast of the blue and the brick, but even if it seems like a common solution, I like it. Also your A is awesome as well. Better yet, good work on all of these letters, you have a lot of interesting ones!

  2. I agree with what you said about the "easy" letters really being the difficult ones. You found a great solution for the letter Q. It's creative and also completely distinguishable as the intended letter. Good job!