Friday, October 30, 2009

God I hate Blogger's lack of colors

11" x 17"

This is the sixth assignment for Maclab.  Make a poster about a band using Photoshop by layering several photos/textures together.  I made mine about Royksopp, a norwegian electronic duo who use classical elements like violin.

Here are some links to some of their songs:

The Girl and the Robot [feat. Robyn]
Royksopp Forever
It's What I Want

I also used Illustrator to make the type.  I sketched it first on paper, but then drew it from scratch on the computer.


After class today,I decided to work some more on my poster.  This is what I got to.  I'm not sure if it's better or worse. Whatever.

Also, my teacher liked the font I created and told me he'd like to have seen more of it.  This made me want to continue making the full font, so I'm slowly working on that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Tricia Fold" Book

Our next project is to create a Book about our typeface.  We all call this a "tricia fold book" because of the way that the single sheet of paper is folded to create a book.  On one side, all of the pages are printed and on the other side is a poster that I'm still in the process of designing.  The design of the book could change too, but I've already changed it a lot and I like what I have come to so here it is.

By the way, it will printed on an 11" x 17" sheet of paper.

Front Cover

First Spread (pages 1 &2)

Second Spread

3rd Spread

Back Cover

Full Sheet

I came up with the idea of this poster first, then started on the book.  The book evolved, now the poster needs to do the same.  But here is what I had.


I made a compromise with the original idea and the new "look"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Involved

I just picked up two new responsibilities today.

One of the sophomores started a group in VC this year that pairs up a senior with one or two juniors and one or two sophomore vc majors.  It's a really good program because students in all 3 years of the major get to see what each other is doing, and offer advice, as well as just meet and get closer to other vc majors.  Today, he asked me and two other sophomores to take over for him next semester.  Its a cool opportunity and I'm up for the challenge.

The other thing that happened was that Bill Deering (Head of VC department) came into my type class and asked me to participate in a spring project that focuses on fashion.  He said that they need a male perspective.  I'm a little worried about if this will become time consuming, but I think I will be able to balance it and my coursework.  It's another great oppurtunity.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

History Of Type Poster

17" x 11"
Black Plaka

The assignment following the abstract letterform compositions was to design an analog poster displaying something about our font that we learned through our research.

My typeface was Akzidenz Grotesk.  Helvetica was designed based on Akzidenz Grotesk by changing some minor details.  It would be basically impossible for an untrained eye to even notice that these two fonts are different.  After spending a good amount of time with it, I feel like I know the font pretty well, but there are still some things that could probably slip by me.  I decided to design my poster around the idea that Helvetica is a poor copy of Akzidenz Grotesk.  It fools some people, but good designers know where Helvetica came from and for that reason, many designers stay loyal to the precursor font.

Specifications for poster:

11" x17"
Black, White, and one Color (optional, only to be used with good reason)
Medium is Gouache, Plaka, or Ink
Must display Font
Must display Font name
Must display Designer Name

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Illustrator Self Portrait

The current project (due Friday) in MacLab is to create a self Portrait of ourselves using vectors on Illustrator.  This could be a trace, or a charicature...whatever.  I went for more of a realistic look, but it's still graphic and interpretational.  The colors are obviously not true to life, but value-wise, I tried to make them fairly accurate.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Abstract Letter Compositions

Part 1: Full Letters
15" x 20"
My font: Akzidenz Grotesk
Black Plaka

Part 2:
50 Abstract Compositions from letters => 2 Gridded Compositions

The arrangement of each square in the grid is just as
important as the composition of each individual square.

17" x 17"
Black Gouache

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time for HELL

Yesterday, we got assigned the fourth illustration project.

It's called "One Hundred and One" or 101 Solutions.

Every upperclassman I've talked to says that this is the worst, most dreaded project in all of VC.

Basically, the project is to choose an object from a list of about 7 she gave us, and draw 100 different ideas of it.  For example.  If your object was spider, you could draw:

        • a spider
        • spider veins
        • spider man
        • a web
        • a bite
        • silk
        • etc... anything that portrays the idea of "spider"
        • try even thinking of more than say...20 different ideas
This is the list of things we could choose from:
      • Sun
      • Ant
      • Turtle
      • Manhole Cover  (...Really?)
      • Lightbulb
      • Cherry
      • Peanut
I decided to do cherry.  I seriously wonder if and how anyone will do manhole cover.
The purpose of this project is idea generation, so drawing skill is not really very important.  It does come into play a little more in Part B however.

Yes, there is more to this project.  Part B is to choose our best solution from Part A and draw it 3 times the original size. (original is 1.25" x 1.5")  This is where the extra "1" gets added on the "100".   Obviously here, the purpose is now rendering our idea well.

She warned us not to use google for idea generation, since that is defeating the purpose of this project, and also, everyone will just have the same ideas anyway.  (although, when each person is going to have 100 ideas of one thing, I think there is going to be a lot of duplication anyway)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Illustration Project 3: 3-D Typography

14" x 11"
1.5" Border


The 3rd project in Illustration was to take pictures of 3-D typography.  We were told to choose a theme for finding our type.  I decided to find typography associated with anywhere you can get pizza in Newark.  I found obvious places like Grottos, Peace-a-Pizza, etc... but also walked into unexpected or unsure-of places like Happy Harrys, The dollar store, Homegrown, to find even more letters.

Once we took pictures (we were required at least 10 letters of different fonts), we printed out the letters in many sizes, cut them out, and arranged them to make compositions. This was a long process.  Once we had the final composition, we translated that into a black/white drawing.  I decided scratchboard would be best for me because:

a) I wanted a black background

b) The scratchboard from my last
project was my lowest score, so I
wanted to take another stab at it.

My idea for this final composition was that The large T shape, was kind of magnetically holding all of the other forms, and some were falling from it or from the space around it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Illustration Project 2: Celebrity Line Personality

15" x 15"
4 drawings of a famous person
Heath Ledger

Scratchboard, Quill and Ink Cross Hatching,
Graphic Two-Tone (Gouache), Quill and Ink Line Drawing.

6" x 6"
Graphic Two Tone Board
Black Gouache

6" x 6"

I got a 4 out of 5 on three of the boards, on this one, I got a 3 out of 5. She said the scratchboard needs more lights, but also the darks can be pure black.

I will try to find time to go back and fix details, adding darks and light to several boards.  I don't really know how I can go in and change the bottom two boards, so I will just focus on the top two.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My finest work yet!

In MacLab last week we were learning about Photoshop...bore.  They were teaching us the basics which everyone should know from Digital Media last year.  Anyway, they told us to take a background picture and add three new, unexpected elements to it.  So I have a jail cell, a baby (with a shadow I made), a My Little Pony, and a giraffe.  I'm so glad this class isn't graded, lol.