Monday, October 12, 2009

Illustration Project 3: 3-D Typography

14" x 11"
1.5" Border


The 3rd project in Illustration was to take pictures of 3-D typography.  We were told to choose a theme for finding our type.  I decided to find typography associated with anywhere you can get pizza in Newark.  I found obvious places like Grottos, Peace-a-Pizza, etc... but also walked into unexpected or unsure-of places like Happy Harrys, The dollar store, Homegrown, to find even more letters.

Once we took pictures (we were required at least 10 letters of different fonts), we printed out the letters in many sizes, cut them out, and arranged them to make compositions. This was a long process.  Once we had the final composition, we translated that into a black/white drawing.  I decided scratchboard would be best for me because:

a) I wanted a black background

b) The scratchboard from my last
project was my lowest score, so I
wanted to take another stab at it.

My idea for this final composition was that The large T shape, was kind of magnetically holding all of the other forms, and some were falling from it or from the space around it.

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