Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time for HELL

Yesterday, we got assigned the fourth illustration project.

It's called "One Hundred and One" or 101 Solutions.

Every upperclassman I've talked to says that this is the worst, most dreaded project in all of VC.

Basically, the project is to choose an object from a list of about 7 she gave us, and draw 100 different ideas of it.  For example.  If your object was spider, you could draw:

        • a spider
        • spider veins
        • spider man
        • a web
        • a bite
        • silk
        • etc... anything that portrays the idea of "spider"
        • try even thinking of more than say...20 different ideas
This is the list of things we could choose from:
      • Sun
      • Ant
      • Turtle
      • Manhole Cover  (...Really?)
      • Lightbulb
      • Cherry
      • Peanut
I decided to do cherry.  I seriously wonder if and how anyone will do manhole cover.
The purpose of this project is idea generation, so drawing skill is not really very important.  It does come into play a little more in Part B however.

Yes, there is more to this project.  Part B is to choose our best solution from Part A and draw it 3 times the original size. (original is 1.25" x 1.5")  This is where the extra "1" gets added on the "100".   Obviously here, the purpose is now rendering our idea well.

She warned us not to use google for idea generation, since that is defeating the purpose of this project, and also, everyone will just have the same ideas anyway.  (although, when each person is going to have 100 ideas of one thing, I think there is going to be a lot of duplication anyway)


  1. LMAO Is anyone in your class using "manhole cover"?!

  2. I enjoyed seeing the progress you made during our visit on Saturday. KathyM