Thursday, April 22, 2010

ACL Festival Companion Book

Now that we're finished creating posters for the ACL festival, we're moving on to creating a book for...


Haha, I enjoyed this the most of any project we've done this semester in type though. It is a companion book, sort of an info guide that you would receive at or prior to the festival. It had content that was provided and we just had to add one band of our choice, (obviously I chose Roisin Murphy) and think up a cool design. Oh, and the book had to employ a grid system, as all books should. Here it is:

The size of the book is 4" x 5".  As always, clicking on images allows you see them at full resolution.
The rest of the book can be seen after the jump

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Dearest Mollie

I had her print the last two sheets first so that she could figure out the allignment more easily. I placed each spread in a 12 x 18 indesign file and then exported that as a pdf.  The final print was shifted horizontally about an 1/8 inch, but that's not too bad. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

HDR Photography

Today in class we learned about HDR photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and basically involves taking multiple exposures of a subject, (an over-exposure, and under-exposure, and a correctly exposed shot) and editing them together with a program on the computer. The result is very luminous photos that you otherwise would not be able to obtain.  I think its really cool and I want to explore this further.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3rd Painting: Adding to a Photograph

Bread, Milk, and Heads
Oil on Canvas
10" x 14"

The third painting assignment was to choose a photograph and paint it using a grid as a guide. We also had to add something to the painting that was not in the photograph. 

We could choose a photo we took, or one we find elsewhere. I chose this photo from the blog Black and WTF

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I made this as a modification to a previous logo I did. This one is simpler and the client asked for either a less realistic looking dog, or a pawprint. I thought the pawprint would work nicely as the counters in the P and R.  I left this as a completely black and white logo because:
          a. Logos should be able to work in black and white for print purposes
          b. I'm not sure that it needs color, but that is something that I could easily add.

I think this one is successful because it is simple and graphic. I don't think logos should be very illustrative. They lose legibility at smaller sizes.

Here is the original logo that I drew that I modified to get the latest one:

This was a page that I had designed for an information booklet that we are currently designing in type class. We had 2 concepts due and this was part of my first one. I like it but my second book was working better so this goes into the garbage, or something like that. Oh well. Moving on.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Here is my 1st 2nd painting from my Painting I class. My first painting was pretty bad I think, although the teacher appreciated my use of color. Anyways, I may or may not post it once I take it home from the studio. I'll have to do that when it's dark out, and no on can see.

This painting was a white still life that we had to paint using only a palate brush. I really enjoyed that process, and the plus side is that you don't need to use any turpenoid. You do end up using more paint however. And since I am always changing my mind about color, I was laying on paint on top of paint on top of paint. A class mate told me that he enjoyed seeing me go through that process. I'm glad someone enjoys it.

Just so you know what's going on here, it is a styrofoam head and styrofoam cups in front of a mirror, laying on fabric.  Basically just random objects the teacher was able to find in the closet. That is my least favorite type of still life, but now we have moved on to a more conceptual painting that is completely our own idea, and i think it is going really well. I will be sure to post that when it is finished.

White Still Life with Styrofoam Head
Oil on Stretched Canvas
10" x 12"

P.S. I have been stretching my own canvas and priming it all semester, rather than buying pre-made . I really enjoy doing it. It's like if you are making a pie, and you can either buy a pre-made crust, or make your own from scratch. It's easier to just buy some pre-made, but it is much more rewarding to think you have made it yourself, and it usually turns out better anyway.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grid System Poster

I'm getting pretty bored with making these posters. I know that's bad, but I'm ready to just move on to something else. I don't really feel inspired to create these anymore.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Construction Site Photo Series

For Form/Comm we need to tell a photo story. Our assignment was to take a bunch of photos over break about a person, place, or thing, and bring them in to class on Monday.  In class, we will decide a story to be told by them, and pick and choose which ones we will use in creating a book.

I thought this was a stupid way about this, and I thought about my story before I shot. I have a feeling most students will do the same.

I plan on making an accordion fold book, and on one side, I will show the construction site during the day, on the other side, I will show it at night. I took most of the shots from a unique angle during the night in an attempt to "bring the objects to life".

See all 39 photos after the jump

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another logo...

I'm having a hard time illustrating a dog for the logo. It always turns out terrible. 

Here is what I came up with for a logo including a puppy tonight.

And here is the link to the older comps I drew up: