Monday, February 15, 2010

Type II

My Typography II class finally met today because the snow can no longer keep us away.  The new teacher seems great and having a fresh point of view and teaching style can't be bad.

We are required to to keep a blog and a twitter for this class.  I decided to just use my already existing blog, but as for twitter, I created a new account.  That one (@lmaobrb) will be separate from my actual twitter and my first one will remain private.  Even though I didn't really tweet art stuff too often before, anything I have I do want to share, I will do so with my new account. The old twitter will stay strictly personal.  In addition, I will label all of my blog posts as Process and/or Inspiration and or Type II, so you can easily find these posts in the side panel.  We are required to post twice a week, once for something that inspires us, and once for something showing our process.

I will use this first post for Inspiration.  I have been listening to MGMT for probably about a year now, but during this past month, I have been especially into them.  On my LastFM page, they were the top artist this past week.  I love their sound, it's very old, reminiscent of The Beatles, but updated with a more electronic approach.  Their logo is really awesome though.  I was admiring it this past week.  So that was the first thing that came to mind for inspiration.
I think that it works better vertically and that is probably how it was designed, since it appears vertically on both of these album covers, and the logo at right was found on a music festival's website.  The latter logo is also not in outline format, which I think further makes it suffer from the original design.

One last note.  I was recently thinking about things I collect.  They're actually not so much collections but rather, things I like to buy, many times over.  I can't imagine these things don't inspire me somehow...
  • Glasses. Any kind of glass drinkware.  Tumblers, Tall glasses, shot glasses.  If I had more money, I would surely have more glasses, but not necessarily more drinks.
  • Scarves. I won't stop until I have every color.  And then I will by other hues and patterns in the colors I already have.
  • Belts.  I feel these are a very important and critical accessory to an outfit.  Sometimes, I wear a relatively plain set of clothes, and make the belt the focal point.  This would be easier if I had more belts though.  My most recent buy was a white leather belt.  Good purchase. 
  • Flip Flops.  Storage for these is tricky, but it doesn't stop me from buying them.  Usually I only buy them once the weather gets warmer, obviously.
  • Assorted Papers.  I haven't actually bought all that much of this.  I have a bunch left over from a project last year, and my roommate stole a bunch and gave it all to me.  Plus, I save scraps from any projects I have worked on.  It comes in handy very Often, and the pile of it under my bed seems to always contain the same amount of paper, as if it is self sustaining.
  • Blankets.  I LOVE BLANKETS.  I currently have 4. The one on top, I've had since I got my first real bed, which was probably around 4 years old? Not really sure, but it's old.  I want another blanket to add to my collection.  Now that I am in my own house, paying for heat, I've set the thermostat at 65 degrees.  More blankets are always welcome.
  • Typefaces.  I am a nerd, and I am proud.  I love type.  I have been downloading so much of it.  I follow probably about 4 or 5 websites that offer free downloads of typefaces.  They are very useful for design, so I'm not stuck with Times new Roman, Helvetica, Futura, etc.  One that I want that I know would not be offered for free: Stymie Light.  I used it in Raven Press, fell in love, and now I want it for my computer.
  • Sketchbooks.  I really got on a sketchbook kick lately.  I was buying and making sketchbooks, and I really never use my sketchbooks that much.  I know that's bad, and the fact that I have 9 sketchbooks that are either partially or completely empty will hopefully inspire me to sketch/write more.  I have already designated my hardcover book I made over winter session as my dream journal.  I am going to start writing down all the dreams I remember and maybe one day turn it into a blog.

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