Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Spring Class Schedule

  • ART203 Typography II
    • Definitely the class I'm most looking forward to.  I love typography, and the teacher is awesome.
  • ART207 Form and Communication II
    • "Graphic translation and representation, semiotics, intention to communicate" sounds like my first real dip into "graphic design".  Should be fun/interesting.
  • ART231 Painting I
    • I am both nervous and excited for my first painting class. I've not done much painting at all before, but everyone I see take this class always comes out having learned so much and gotten a lot better, so this class seems to have a lot of potential.  I can't wait to just dive into painting.
  • ARTH245 The American Home
    • This will be my 3rd art history class; I need 4 for my major, and 6 for a minor, which I am still not sure if I will go forward with.  This seems like an especially anthropologically driven art history course, so it could be cool.  The major downside to it is the time: 6-9pm tue nights.
  • CISC103 Intro to Comp Sci with Web Apps
    • Gonna try my hand at some html, java etc.  Not really all that excited, it's just one of those things I need to know.  Maybe one day it will help me make a killer website to advertise myself or for a client.  It is also the first course in the interactive media minor.  In all honesty, I don't think I will have time to complete that minor, but I will benefit from the classes I do have the time to complete.
For the first time, all of my classes are in some way connected to Art.  The first four are obvious, being studio classes and an art history.  The Computer science class I am viewing as art relate however because the reason I am taking it is for art.  Learning how to design websites and whatever else we will be doing will aid me in my future artistic exploits.

In addition to all of this, I am taking an increased leadership responsibility in LBO, a group in which the students of my major meet up with each other, and the fashion/VisComm majors have a Joint project called Synergy, and that is really taking off this spring.  So I will be super busy.  I'm actually kinda worried, but I know I will make it through.  Wish me luck

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  1. Sounds like a very ambitious semester. It won't be luck that gets you through, but good luck anyway. Your academic and career focus is commendable and I know you have the determination to do well. How exciting.