Saturday, April 4, 2009

Torn Paper

Part A and B
15" x 20"

Part A:
42 Designs made from torn paper. Each Design is 1.5" square.

3 types of designs:
a) Odd juxtapositions
b) play with the concept of tearing to create meaning
c) just a design

Part B:
Replicate an image of your choosing using torn paper.
5" x 6.5"

The idea is to take the image and make it more interesting by using the torn paper. Kudos for choosing an image with personal meaning: I chose London because my major (Visual Communications) goes on a study abroad trip after Junior year to study graphic design and advertising in one of the premiere locations for this art (after NYC) For this reason, I also chose to go for a very graphic look rather than a "photo-real" look.

Part C:
15" x 20"

Choose an object.
*Blue Painters Tape

Create a design using torn paper showing the object in action.

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