Wednesday, April 8, 2009

C-Board Revision

I know my original C-Board had a lot of problems, but I wasn't thrilled about Dave's request that we all go back and fix them. I just wanted to be done with this project because I hate it. Well I stayed up late last night and made some changes. I decided monochrome was a bad color palette for this piece so I changed it to a primary palette. Also, I enlarged the outlet so you can see more of it. I think this helps with the readability a bit. Originally I didn't want the outlet to take up too much of the picture because it's supposed to be about the blue painters tape.

So now what we have is a red wall, with the outlet cover removed and the outlet piece pulled out, and there's blue painters tape around the outlet, and also a few random strips on the wall peeling off. There is blue paint being rolled over the red wall. I know its hard to tell what's going on and I don't expect a good grade, I just want to move on.

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