Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another quote from Colette

Q. "What do we do if our project fails miserably?"
Colette: "Haha, Oh that's great!"

I understand what she meant, but sometimes she just makes me laugh, the way she seemed so pleased with the idea of our project "failing" was priceless, and worrisome.

*No Dave last night, so the tally stays at 310 for now.

*My research studio project went well. I researched the topic of marriage, which melted into divorce also. In my interview, my subject said her divorce cost her and her ex-husband $23,000 together. I was amazed at this amount of money being spent to end a marriage, so I went with that idea to create my piece. For that, I did a performance piece. I remixed my interview, using excerpts about the divorce, money, etc. and played that soundtrack while a female classmate and I tore up an origami wedding ring made from 23 dollar bills. It lasted 3 minutes and the feedback I got was that it was emotional and powerful.


  1. I wanna see your research studio project!!!

  2. I know. :(

    I meant to video tape it, but the video camera wasn't working. Maybe I'll upload the sound track if I can figure it out/get permission from my interviewee.

  3. I agree with Christine. I thought the same thing yesterday when I saw your post.