Monday, November 24, 2008

Time Sequence

The assignment is to print 3 photos showing a time sequence of events with a chosen theme. I have chosen to show feet throughout a typical day.
The first shot is feet in the morning. Limbs are still feeling asleep, while the world around you is starting to awaken. I felt showing feet in a shower conveyed this idea because I always feel dead in the shower, but the water is constantly moving. Plus, a shower always wakes me up.
By mid-day, feet are moving and the world is moving. I knew right from the start I wanted this to be shot at the crosswalk because there is so much activity here. The cars, the subject, the other walkers, etc. This is the peak of activity during the day.
At night, the world is going to sleep, but the body is still restless. (This is at least the case with me) My first idea didn't work out so well and this was a last minute shot. It is my least favorite of the three, but it shows me at work at my desk at night.

My video is coming along smoothly and I hope to be finished before the weekend is over. I probably won't post it until Tuesday night or Wednesday though, because I don't like showing it until I show it at our critique in class first.


  1. who's the chick with the nice butt?

  2. Actually I just used the smudge tool in photoshop to make it look larger.

  3. I like the shower feet best. The water droplets really add to the effect. Looks like you need cable control for your evening work area.