Friday, November 7, 2008

Say AHA!!!

So this is the final image that I submitted for our lyrics project. I also had to print 3 11" x 17" posters. I like having a physical copy of something like that, it's better than just looking at something on a screen, which doesn't feel as real. That is also the reason I buy actual CDs rather than downloading them, because I like having the tangible object in front of me. I do own the CD "Santogold" by Santogold which features the song I chose: Say Aha.
The specific lyrics I chose were
"Say Aha...louder than they allow"
Say Aha was written with a flashlight in the dark by taking 2 second exposures of me writing each letter with the flashlight. I think this method captured the mood/tone of the song. The second part of the lyrics, "louder than they allow", is implied by the use of color in a colorless/quiet/restricting environment (the church).

I received mostly positive feedback during the critique, but there were a few criticisms (which I always appreciate). I was told the overlapping of the topmost girl's leg onto the bottom one's face is distracting and that I should erase it. Also, the 3rd "!" was thought to be a phallic symbol by the teacher. This was not my intention, and I am not really bothered by it, but since it is confusing, I can fix it. When I get time, (and I have no idea when that will be) I will fix these details.

Here is an early draft of the project. I was going for a triptych with the two stained glass windows and the church/girl in the middle. I still didn't have very good light patterns to fill the girl with and the composition just didn't really work as a triptych, so I developed the idea that turned into my final project. This is how all of my projects have turned out so far...I come up with an idea, play with it on the computer, decide it doesn't look great, but I still like the idea and just change it up a bit.

Here is a fan made music video for the song I chose. Sorry, it's the only way I could figure out how to add a song to my post.


  1. write a frickin book why dont you.
    I say Jon gives you an A for that post considering your commitment.

    P.S your subjects appendage is intimidating

  2. HaHa. That's funny Alyssa. I agree with Alyssa that this project is "A" quality. I may not have every noticed the confusing appendage if it wans't pointed out. That being said, the fact that it turned out that way adds an element of interest since individual perceptions can create conversation. Nice work Adam. I like the video also.

  3. Appendage or not, this piece is awesome, end of story, and if it doesn't get an A, everything I know is a lie.

    I love the neon colors against the black and white and the composition and the whole piece is really well executed. It's one of my faves of the class!