Sunday, November 2, 2008

City of Lights

For my fourth project (the one using lyrics), I wanted to exploit the use of color as noise in a colorless and quiet environment (a church which will be black and white). I wanted to use the vibrant colors provided by the neon signs on Main Street, Newark. To do this, I set my shutter speed to about 1.3", and just swirled, shook, and moved my camera as violently or gracefully as I could to capture different patterns.
These are some of the raw images (no pun intended, they're actually Jpegs) that I took for this project.
To create my final image for the project, I increased the vibrancy of the colors and tinted some of them as well. So I don't really recognize which of these photos I ended up using. I took over 100 pictures this night.


  1. I really love the vibrant and bold colors of these pictures! The different patterns are really neat looking! Your new digital project idea is so creative, i can't wait to see it!

  2. Nice work Adam. I check back every now and then and can see a lot of growth in your style since you began in September. I vote a 5.0 for the class! Aunt B

  3. I really love these shots. The way you used them in your final project was really effective, and until you said that you got the colorful lights and colors for the girls in the poster by taking these photos on Mainstreet, I assumed you had painted them in photoshop. I love looking at your work because you have such a distinct style, which is pretty cool this early in your career!