Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Longterm Goal: Cookbook

As I was looking through papers in the studio yesterday, I found an assignment sheet for the senior portfolio preparation class.  One of the ideas that was listed was to design a cookbook.  Since I am very interested in cuisine, I decided this would be a great idea for me.

I went home to cook last night for my mom and made:
Seared pork chops with a red wine cherry glaze
Garlic and red pepper collard greens
Creamy Mashed sweet potatoes

I wasn't happy with the lighting, and I think that I want to focus on one food item, rather than a plated dinner.

Like I said, this is a longterm goal, one I'd like to finish by the beginning of senior year.  I thought 12 recipes would be a good number, but it could easily end up being more.  I think I will be able to get a lot done this summer.

I think the hardest part of this project for me is going to be creating recipes, since I don't cook from a recipe, I just make it up as I go along.  I usually decide what to make based on what is available in the kitchen or what looks good in the store.

I don't use measurements, I just add what I think would be best.  Obviously for a cookbook, I'll have to create some more exact directions.  The purpose of this project for me is not recipes however, it's designing a product, a cook book.


  1. All three menu items were delicious.

  2. wow, this looks awesome! didn't know you were a culinary guy - you definitely need to bring that into what you do in vc! also you can cook for the juniors we would appreciate it! lol im actually binding a cookbook this week because i wanted to start one too! you could teach me something!