Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Collaborative Poster

History Of Type Poster II
11" x 17"

The final part of the History of Type project was to pair up with the other students in our class with the same typeface to make a poster together.  There were two other students in my class who researched Akzidenz Grotesk.  They were Katherine Borah and Kristen Rogness.

We were required to work with analog and digital processes.  She really pushed us to play with both, saying to do something analog, digitize it, then do more analog, which is why I lableled the medium that way.

For the initial workshop, we brought in random pictures, textures, objects, etc. as well as a quote from our type designer.  A lot of this, we ended up using in the final poster.

With watercolor, I painted Katherines agenda cover, which had birds and decorative swirls.  This was scanned into the computer and used digitally.  We also layered other digital images of things that were ornate, and fancy, to contrast our plain, sturdy typeface.  You should easily see the black lace in the backround and if you look carefully, you can see false eyelashes at the top.  Kristen painted blue splatters with a loofah; that was also incorporated into the poster and blends in perfectly with the watercolor illustration.

Our Typeface had to be visible in the poster, so we put it very small at the bottom.

The final analog part we did was to physically cut out a quote by our type designer, Gunther Gerhard Lange.  It said
            "type is not everything, because type without an application is like a flower without aroma, an uncorked bottle and a girl who has never been kissed."  
The way we interpreted this was that type should not always be the focus, rather image should be most visible, and type solely used to portray words.  Akzidenz Grotesk has very little personality, so it works perfectly in this way.  That's why we cut it out, to further remove the type from the poster.

This piece was featured in the 2010 Not Yet Famous Artists Revealed UD Undergrad juried Art Show

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