Thursday, March 31, 2011

Graphic Design Project #2 - Juried Show Poster pt. 1

The second project, for which we have the same groups, is to create material for the annual undergrad juried show, which is called Not Yet Famous Artists Revealed. There are 3 parts to this project. The first is to create a poster that encourages people to submit their work. My group decided to play off the name, and use a method of "revealing" the text. We went to Raven Press, the awesome letterpress my school owns, and used wood and metal type, a careful selection of ink, and a mirror to reveal the headline.  We will use the printed text in the second part the project, in which we have to design the entry form.

We shot this once, but after critique decided that we should include a call for entries in the actual lockup, rather than add it digitally, so I went back and reshot.

I thought I would include both the raw photo I took and then the finished poster, so you can see the editing that took place to really make the poster as good as possible. (color correction, obsessive highlighting and darkening of shadows, removal of white tshirt in foreground, removal of stray ink marks where they don't belong, addition of spacing between Not&Yet... ect.)

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