Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Graphic Design Project #1

Graphic Design Studio is a course set up to run like working in a Graphic Design Studio. We are assigned groups and then do work for clients.

Our first client was the Food Bank of Delaware. We chose from 3 different programs to create material for. My group chose the progam "Plant a Row". This program gets people with a garden to plant a little extra and then donate their surplus to the Food Bank so that needy people can receive a nutritious diet.

Our group created a poster, a small brochure, and an email blast.  I haven't documented anything printed out, and the brochure is really best seen printed out, since it has folds. (so I haven't included it in this post)

We wanted to have a tone that was encouraging and approachable. We used white space in a way that would work for the printing situation. Since the Food bank will be printing these in-house, we incorporated a border that doesn't bleed to the edge of the paper into our image.

The client chose to put our poster and email blast into production.

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