Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Record Packaging

1' x 1'

For about the past week we've been working on making record packages for our Form/Comm class. Before we knew the final direction of the project, we were just illustrating how we thought the song "sounded". I wasn't too thrilled with it at that point, but as soon as the project had a solid concept and form, I thought it was really cool.  

I chose the song Röyksopp Forever by Röyksopp.  We had to then create a 7" single and a 12" album. (The album was the album the song came from, but the imagery was to be inspired by the specific song still)  Ashley guided us to make the album and then make the single be a "teaser", a simplified version containg just one or two elements of the entire album artwork.  

1' x 1'

7" x 7"

By the way, we were responsible for everything, from the outer cover, to the inside sleeve and the paper circles on the center of the vinyl. The only thing we didn't handcraft was the vinyl itself, but we did have to buy that from a local record store.

This piece was featured in the 2010 Not Yet Famous Artists Revealed UD Undergrad juried Art Show, and won the Illustration Award.


  1. Way to go winning an award for this project at the "Not Yet Famous Art Reveal"!

  2. Excellent work! Congratulations, well done!!

  3. Adam, you are awesome! You are going to be famous!!