Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dilational Process and Inspiration

For the first poster, I was inspired by the playful and wacky work of Dr. Seuss:
But I needed to make it more modern, cold, and electric.

Basically, I just started making circles and positioning them into a spiral.
The text at the bottom took some tweaking to get it right.

Printing it out at a low quality and looking at it from afar really helped.

For the second poster, I wanted a more vibrant and emotional feel.
I was inspired by a specific frame in the title sequence for Goldfinger (1964)
Again, I wanted electric colors.
So I took this photo:and edited it in photoshop. I played around with colors a lot, but finally settled on the right mix of magenta and yellow to get this image:

...and then worked it into my poster

I then added sponsorship, tweaked the text, and added a much needed background.

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