Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Word Compositions

7" x 7"
Black Plaka and Micron Pen

To begin this project, we brought in packaging with type on it.  We wrote down everything our package said, then the teacher chose one of our sheets and chose some of the words randomly.

Then we went to Raven Press and used old lead and wood type to hand press our words in assigned fonts.

Then we used these sheets with everyone's words and used those words to create experimental compositions.  Important things to think about were composition, movement, color (the weight of the black on the page), contrast.

After our composition/while we were working on it, we had to also draw the visual mass of the letters.  This could be drawing rectangles that resembled the shape and weight of the letters, using inkwash to mimic the values, etc.  Just be experimental.  I used inkwash with a paintbrush and splattered it onto the page to repeat the value structure of the initial composition.  It helped to work on this WHILE working on the 1st part because it helped with color and compostion.

7" x 7"
Black India Ink and Inkwash

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