Monday, May 11, 2009

Research Studio Project 5

My first idea for this project did not work out. I planned to tie my feet and arms to someone else's feet and arms and we would walk around town, one in front of the other as if we were one. The materials kept breaking and it was really difficult to get in sync. Given more time and help, I could make it work, and I will keep this idea for later maybe.

Plan B:

Over the past 2 days, I scrambled to think of a new idea that I could do in a day or two, as the project is due on Tuesday. I went back to this part of my research:

This is a video of Bruce Nauman playing with the skin on his face for two minutes. It's pretty gross watching it. I decided to update that idea by having a close up of me eating disgusting, fast food. I ate a cheeseburger, french fries, coca cola, and pizza. I felt horrible afterwards.

I recorded in a dark room lit by a blue light. The blue light was meant to signify the theory that the color blue stimulates appetite, but that color doesn't really show up in this film very well; again, I was in a pinch. I'm not particularly proud of this project, but I hope to make up for it when we crit the duration project later this week.

Speaking of the duration project, I showed it to Dave today. He seemed to like it okay. I guess no one has ever told him how much he says "again" because when I told him the concept, he asked "What do say that a lot or something?". He seemed amused though.


  1. my favorite part about your blog right now is my face at the top.

    i know thats pretty self centered...but if your face was at the top of my blog you'd be honored too.

    pss (i know i didnt do a ps, but im skipping ahead cause im just that sort of girl) you have to show me how to make a picture above the blog cause mine has been the same for too long and it needs a little salt and pepper if you know what i mean

  2. triple ps+: I figured it out already cause im THAT GOOD

  3. Now figure out how to make it a random picture!
    Because thats what mine is. Refresh the page and it will be something different. (Not YOU)

  4. yeah i would be offended but the one of me is by fer the most interesting and best legible. So suck on that trader!

  5. Ughhh! My stomach hurts just watching you eat all that! You didn't try to break it up into different "takes". It would be cool if there was a blue background.