Saturday, May 2, 2009

My first gallery showing.

I submitted 3 works for the Not Yet Famous Artists Revealed undergrad art show(juried exhibition) and this one was chosen to be included. It's my Say Aha! poster from Intro to Digital Media Class. The gallery will be open from May 6th through May 20th. The opening is May 6th from 6-8pm and awards are announced at 7.

Because the show runs until the 20th, and portfolios are due the very next day, I am going to have to reprint this so I have a copy for my portfolio. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost this file! The image above is a photograph of the poster, but it is not 100% clear. I will have to recreate the whole thing, because I think I still have all of the photos and other elements I used to make it. That's the importance of being organized I guess. This will be an opportunity to fix the 'phallic symbol' my teacher spotted. haha.

I found the file on my external hard drive!

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  1. I enjoyed the showing last night. There were several pieces that were of interest to me. What an honor to have your work selected for the exhibit. Keep the creativity alive!