Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can't Be Without You

The first drawing project of the semester was to draw two things that go together (like PB&J, eggs and bacon, etc. but take it a step further, be more creative) and draw them in ink in a composition that shows them interacting in some way.

My original idea was to show the magnifying glass burning the ants, but from the sketches I did, I liked this composition the best. You had to have the actual objects to draw from, so i bought a mag. glass at good will, and some plastic ants from a teaching store in Newark.

The two methods you could use were to draw with a quill and ink (cross-hatching), or use ink wash, which is watered down ink applied with a paintbrush like watercolor. Or you could use both. I used the quill for the ants and the wash for everything else. The quill takes a LONG time, and a lot of patience.

My teacher wants us to make improvements and resubmit them. For that reason she said she graded them extra low and the highest grade she gave out was a B. I got a B! I am going to add crosshatching to the grass and make the shadows from the grass darker to match the ants' shadows.

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  1. I really love the different media uses. And if using the quill takes a long time, it's worth it!!! The ants look incredible!