Saturday, December 13, 2008


Here is my semester's work in Drawing Class. 5 projects.

Project 1: Line Drawing of Fruit Still Life
30" x 22"
Construct a still life out of at least 4 fruits/vegetables. Draw it using only line.

Project 2: Perspective and Gesture Drawing
30" x 22"
Draw an exterior space using both 1 pt. and 2 pt. perspective. (Line only, no value) Then add gesture drawings of the people who pass through the space. (If the person occupies a space for a few seconds, thats how long it takes to draw the person. If they are slow/standing and are there for longer, it will take longer to draw the person and they will be more detailed.)

Project 3: Tool Deconstruction
30" x 22"
First part: Draw a tool (mine was a pocket knife) this time using value only. NO lines.
Then deconstruct the shapes in the first drawing. From this point, only refer to the first drawing, not allowed to look at the actual tool anymore. After 5 drawings, each of which was deconstruction of the previous, I arrived to this final drawing.
Oh yeah, no blending the graphite on the paper, you have to add it to get it to what ever consistency/smoothness you want.

Project 4: Paper Bag World
44" x 26"
Compressed Charcoal and Vine Charcoal
1st part: Construct a "world" out of brown paper bags and light it appropriately
2nd part: Draw it in charcoal (blending is allowed, but not with fingers, you must use a paper stump) No lines, only value.

Project 5: Historical Still Life
26" x 19"
Black and White Conte and Charcoal Pencils on Gray Paper
Part 1: Research a historical event, time period, person, etc. I chose the Roaring 20s.
Part 2: construct a diorama which will convey this theme. Light it appropriately.

My Diorama:
With the Lighting:
Part 3: Draw it in value only, no line. No shading either. You must fill in ALL of your darkest darks with the black conte and charcoal pencils before you add the whites. In other words, don't use the white and black mediums at the same time. For medium tones, just leave the gray paper blank.


  1. I like the Tool Deconstruction, but the Paper Bag World is also of interest. I like the Historical Still Life but the Diorama with Lighting is spectacular. BTW, I recognize the bathtub. Enjoy seeing your versatility.

  2. I LOVE the Roaring 20s drawing. That was awesome.