Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some process work

Our final project in Type III is to pick a proverb, and basically do anything with it. They pushed us towards video, since that's what they've been teaching us lately, but we could really take it this project in any direction we saw fit. I did try to work with video. These some of my results.

The proverb I chose was as follows:

(long version)
"A drop of honey attracts more flies than a hog's head of vinegar."

...which basically means, "Honey (which is sweet) attracts more insects than vinegar."

I sought to create physical type inspired by Stefan Sagmeister.

This was probably the 3rd video of vinegar (and baking soda) that I shot:

My teacher didn't like that the vinegar was splashing sporadically onto the scene, and he wanted to be able to read the "vinegar" from the very beginning, all the way through.

So I reshot several times, and eventually started playing with washable marker to get a bleeding effect:

This was the best result I got with the ants and honey part of the proverb.
I've done this about 5 times. I wanted to address some issues, one of them being that the video is in still frame animation, and I wanted it in video.  When I went back to reshoot I wasn't able to find any ants. I did some research, and found that ants go into hibernation in the winter.  Due to this setback, I've had to rethink my concept. I have an idea, and will post that when I'm finished.

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