Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The first research studio project of the semester (or the last, depending on how you look at it) is to record the deterioration/growth/evolution of something over the course of the semester. It was set into motion last week and will culminate at the end of the semester in May.

I have chosen to count how many times my professor says the word again in my colloquium class which meets for up to two hours every tuesday. Sometimes he is one of three instructors speaking and only uses about 30 minutes. Sometimes he is the only speaker and uses the whole class. Sometimes he does not speak at all. However, I have noticed that he says this word A LOT.

I started doing this on October 17 last semester and I am excited it has turned into an art project. (I will only use the count starting from this semester however). At the end of the semester, I will total up the amount of times he said the word and create a portrait of him using that specific amount of words.

I will keep an updated tally of the amount he says it. Check back each week if you are intersted.

Feb. 10

Feb. 17

Feb. 24
0 -- He did not present today.

Semester Total

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  1. I've done this for other people at work. It can be interesting to get an outsider's perspective on your speech pattern. I had a colleague who said "definitely" a ton of times... up to 20 times in a single 10 minute conversation. Once he knew about it, he was able to modify his speech to limit the word in his conversations. I know if I were to say a word/phrase that many times, I'd want someone to point it out!